Sustainability - "A Commitment to the Future"


Our SFI Certification (PDF)


Sacramento Container is committed to establishing and achieving sustainability goals which provide lasting benefits to the company, its customers and the environment.


As a corrugated box manufacturer that specializes in managing inventory for the food and beverage industries it is vitally important that we improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.  By focusing on the key areas of productivity improvement, minimizing waste, package design, and transportation, material handling and warehousing, we are on our way to meeting our objectives.


Recent achievements in improving our sustainability:



  • In 2016 Sacramento Container achieved 11% improvement in productivity through enhancing our lean techniques, training, preventive and predictive maintenance. This improvement allows us to grow and increase volume with minimal increases in manpower and electricity.
  • Our fleet has converted to all hi-cube skirted trailers, improving the cube utilization and fuel efficiency.
  • Established a recycling program for our PET strapping, removing over 400 cubic yards annually from the landfill
  • Over the last four years Sacramento Container has invested over $20 million in new high speed, state of the art, energy efficient converting equipment. 
  • Installed and implemented a real-time bar code scanning system.  The increased visibility of raw materials and finished goods eliminates wasted time and energy associated with material handling and warehousing.
  • Installed Power Shaver's Energy Savings System to reduce KW demand, condition power and improve the power factor.
  • On-site solar power energy system.




The following are some industry data compiled by the Corrugated Packaging Alliance/FBA/AF& PA pertaining to improved sustainability.





  • There are ten million more acres of forest today than in 1990.

  • 93% of the wood fiber that goes into corrugated boxes comes from virgin fiber providers who follow Sustainable Forestry Initiative® practices.

  • 60% of mill energy used in the U.S. comes from renewable bio-fuels.

  • The amount of corrugated used to ship a unit of domestic industrial production has decreased 19% over the past 10 years.

  • 75% of all corrugated packaging is recovered for recycling.

  • The average corrugated box contains approximately 43% recovered fiber.





  Sacramento Container believes that what’s good for the environment can be good for the business.  As we work toward our sustainability goals, we continue to look for opportunities to improve efficiencies, generate cost savings and improve profitability for us and our valued customer        






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